House Rules

House Rules

House Rules

When we moved to our first purchased place, we were totally exhausted with the real estate process. It was such an emotional process from putting an offer, loosing some awesome units to stepping into my favourite unit itself. Since we were so tired after 1 1/2 year of home search, we didn’t do anything with the place(other than balcony furniture) for quite sometime. But gradually, I developed some deep interest on converting this huge place(based on NYC standard) into my own home. When you convert any place into your own home, you want to keep as it is right? With this thought in my mind and since we have approached a year of home ownership anniversary, it is a perfect time to write about our house rules.

So these are our few house rules:

1) Try to reduce the clutter on Kitchen/Living and Dining Room

Since we live near New York City, we have a very small condo. We also have open floor plan where kitchen and dining space is opening in to large living area. That being said, no-one want to see your clutter while you enter into a place so, we (as a couple) decided to have a designated space for all mails, shoes and coats. I made sure that all my kitchen appliances have one special cabinet. I figured out what are the things makes more mess. This is one of those rules, I love to follow. Surprisingly, we had followed this rule while we were renting as well.

Most of our friends like to call us and stop by, but still in 5 min, our home can be clean if someone is coming up in few minutes.

2) To have a dinner early and no more dinners on couch

While we were renting an apartment, we used to turn on TV during our dinnertime and having lunch on a couch. We used to hate that so when we bought a place, we decided to stop doing that. Now we do like to turn on TV but we stopped taking dinners on the couch. This small change gave me a little bit of family time which is needed after a crazy work day.

3) Celebrate Indian Festival

If you are an immigrant, it is very hard to have same sort of excitement when it comes to Indian festivals. On the day of festival, you sometimes are not at home, some business trip or overtime and so on… This year, I tried hard to have a fabulous holiday time, I followed some traditional rituals my mom used to do during the time of Diwali.I took a day off from work and cleaned my home on that day. Cleaning home and lightning diva are the two main things which we followed during our holidays.

4) To keep small cheese selection and red/white wine bottle ready for guests

We live in a big building and over the time, we made some neighbor friends. Quick and Instant parties/ friends come over are so common in our new lifestyle. Also, on Fridays, I would love to have a small cheese board on my outdoor oasis, it is kind a relaxing and homely feeling.

5) Less is more

First time, I heard this sentence while I was studying architecture.This is the great Le Corbusier’s sentence. Less gives simplicity and more options to decorate home in streamline manner. With our decoration phase full in swing, we adopted this mentality in our home furniture, hosting parties and so on. This creates a calm and uncluttered vibe in our house. I like to purge things which I don’t use anymore.

Along with these rules, I would love to keep nice candles and music to enhance home feeling.

Hope you all enjoy our house rules.

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