Tip#2 Blocking Dirt

Tip#2 Blocking Dirt

Tip#2:Blocking Dirt Welcome to bi-weekly lifestyle tip series. Today it’s all about blocking dirt in your home.
I guess, this is typical me 🙂 – whenever I go to anyone’s place, I just remove my shoes. I think that’s the asian mentality and that’s how I grew up with. When we moved to this new place, I wanted to continue this tradition in a disciplined way. In Asia, footwares are forbidden inside homes. It is one of those cultural things, historically, we followed for blocking dirt. So we ended up following this one from our childhood too. But now, For anyone, it seems to me one of the best practice to keep your home clean.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I do have small but open floor plan. By developing little carved out sections within open floor gave me sense of small little functional places all around. By putting rugs/doormate I got my defined entry before I enter into any other functional places inside my home.

I love to put small little rugs near our main door or outdoor patio doors (external doors). If there is any adverse weather outside such as rain, snow or windy weather, these little natural fibre rugs come in-handy. I feel like this rugs give me an opportunity to rub my shoes and remove them. It is so relaxing for me to touch the floor in barefoot. I like to buy washable rugs too so that I can give them fresh clean wash regularly. (by the way, I do have one home shoes, which I only wear inside my home. I will share with you all, if you guys are interested in selecting homeshoes.)

Tip#2:Blocking Dirt

Tip#2 Blocking  Dirt
Tip#2 Blocking Dirt

To blcok the dirt from outside, it is nice to have small doormate or nice little rug near your external doors. It gives senses of coziness within your place for sure but it also forces you to take out shoes.

Blocking the Dirt
Blocking the Dirt

I still need to buy cute little foot tray, but for now, I do have big enough shoe closet which serves the purpose. I am kinda in love with this one:


Hope this small little tip can improve your lifestyle. What do you think about blocking dirt? Any other ideas?


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